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The Match

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Alan Wylie


The Match, is a contemporary romantic comedy set in Inverdoune, an idyllic village nestling amidst the spectacular scenery of the Scottish Highlands.

Wullie Smith, still carrying the physical and emotional scars of a childhood tragedy, is Inverdoune's milkman, a young man whose potential is concealed behind his gently uncertain exterior. Wullie is known locally for his remarkable TFR (Total Football Recall) and for his not-very-secret love for Rosemary Bailey, the beautiful daughter of Bill Bailey, a local farmer with a curious affection for cows. Rosemary has returned briefly to Inverdoune, after five years away at university and she plans to leave again to pursue a career in the big city. Wullie's dreams of winning her are helped by the wisdom and insight of the remarkable Buffalo, a troubled semi-alcoholic American left stranded in Scotland after his USAF unit moved away.

The single-street village has only two pubs: Benny's Bar owned by Big Tam, the ramshackle spiritual home of its delightfully eccentric clientele, and L'Bistro, a place of sterile modernity owned by the preening narcissist, Gorgeous Gus.

Benny's Bar may soon be lost forever. A bet made to settle a feud between the original owners of the two bars, is to be finally resolved by the result of the 100th annual football contest between the two bars. Past form indicates poor prospects for the team from Benny's Bar which has lost the match for 99 years in a row. But it is only the result of this, the centenary game, which will determine which of the two bars will be closed forever. . .


Type of film
Mick Davis 1st Feature
Steve Golin
Executive Producer
Steve Golin
Director of Photography
Witold Stok BSc
Principal Cast
Max Beesley, Richard E. Grant, Tom Sizemore, Ian Holm, Laura Fraser, David O'Hara, Bill Patterson, Neil Morrisey, James Cosmo, David Hayman, Isla Blair, Samantha Fox, Andy Gray, Iain Robertson, Hope Ross, Jonathan Watson.
Screen Writer
Mick Davis

Production status


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Propaganda Films/Rafford Films
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