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The Misadventures of Margaret

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'The Misadventures of Margaret' is a romantic comedy set in two time frames - contemporary New York and 18th Century France.

It tells the story of a young American academic, Margaret Nathan, whose ordered, safe existence and seven year-old marriage to English professor Edward starts to fall apart when she begins to adapt a French diary, written by a dashing but pompous 18th Century man of letters, known simply as The Philosopher.

The diary relates the seduction by the Philosopher of a Young Girl, newly arrived from England, and her subsequent undermining of his dearly-held opinions regarding life and love.

As Margaret continues to adapt the diary, she begins to question not only her marriage but also her philosophy of life. Her vivid imagination catapults her into a series of encounters that include her handsome, but rather dim, dentist Dr Lipi, the charmingly earnest sound engineer, Martin and her bi-sexual friend, Lily. At the same time she forces her sister Till Turner to re-evaluate her own relationship with her womanising novelist husband Art.

When Margaret beings to suspect that Edward is having an affair with one of his young students, the terribly determined Sarah from Brighton, she moves in with her gay best friend and cynical publisher, Richard Lane, in order, as she says 'to throw her last scruple to the wind'.

Will Margaret's marriage survive her 'misadventures'? Will she?

Based on Cathleen Schine's acclaimed comic novel, 'Rameau's Niece', 'The Misadventures of Margaret' is a very contemporary film with a know-ing nod to Hollywood's Golden Age of comedy.


Type of film
35mm Kodak, Agfa, Fuji
Brian Skeet
Pippa Cross, Dominique Green, Andy Harries
Director of Photography
Romain Winding
Principal Cast
Parker Posey, Elizabeth McGovern, Jeremy Northam, Corbin Bernsen, Brooke Shields and Craig Chester
Executive Screen Writer
Brian Skeet


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