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The Moment Trap - The Lennon Dream

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Garden Barber Productions

  • Garden Barber Productions

    Garden Barber Productions


Heartbroken, grieving, and tormented by visions of his hero's death, Mickey Sharpe finds himself stuck in the middle of two opposing gangs as he tries desperately to finish the exposing documentary his best friend died trying to finish.
Behind the antics and actions played out between our four main friends and the gangsters and criminals they encounter along the way, is a suggestion of the difficulties and questions that young adults face today in work, in love, and in preparing for life in the future. The prospect of being able to afford to raise a family, of owning one's own home, or even getting a job with a half-decent salary to start with looks vanishingly small these days - Perhaps crime appears to offer a more achievable route to affording such basic ideals...
This is a poignant look at some of the challenges and dilemmas that our modern society has created for the younger generations. Are we making a brighter future for our children or are we actually making life tougher?


Type of film
Running Time
92 min
Arri Raw 4K 2.35:1
Steven A Johnson 1st Feature
Greg Stewart
Steven A Johnson
Director of Photography
Sashi Kissoon, Simon Livingstone
Michael Chubb
Julian Stringle, Cedar Rose Johnson, Steven A Johnson, Rob Clydesdale
Principal Cast
Carmelo Viviani, Tom Keller, Paul McKay, Anthony Harwood, Ben Mansbridge, Oliver Malam, Barty Shepherd, Ben Scheck, Bulent Mehmet, Jacqueline Johnson
1st AD
Tom Butterworth
2nd AD
Cedar Rose Johnson
1st Assistant Camera
Matt Choules, Andrei Lionachescu
2nd Assistant Camera
Tom Reid, Tom Wheeler
Script Supervisor
Eleanor Grondin
Production Assistant
Reed Price Johnson, Christopher Bolton-Stewart
Offline Editor
Matt Berkeley-Lobato
Online Editor
Maxwell White
Audio Post Production
Martin Richard Chappell
Original Score
Rob Clydesdale

Production status


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Last updated 14th November 2022

Production Company

Garden Barber Productions
Garden Barber Ltd
Hertford SG14 3PZ
+44 (0)1992 504167