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The Plan: That Came From The Bottom Up

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In the 1970s a group of workers faced with economic crisis, austerity and threats of technology taking their jobs, responded with an audacious plan, developing alternatives to the military products their company made, including wind turbines and hybrid cars.
""It’s an insult to our skills and intelligence that we can produce a Concorde and not enough powerful heaters for all those old-age pensioners who are dying in the cold." A worker at Lucas Aerospace eloquently sums up the core problem of contemporary Western society – one that caters to the interests of a wealthy few. He’s one of the designers of the ambitious strategy proposed by the workforce, in 1976, to shift their company’s assets to manufacture socially-useful products, which was ultimately undermined by both the government and corporate interests.
Director Steve Sprung brilliantly draws their story into the present, delivering it with great intelligence, clarity and civic commitment. 'The Plan: That Came From The Bottom Up' is a gripping essay, reflecting on the dark consequences of capitalism on society and proposing an encouraging alternative for a troubling present. "(LFF Brochure)
Official Selection BFI London Film Festival 2018 - Documentary Competition - World premiere


Type of film
Running Time
212 mins
Steve Sprung
Luis Correia
Executive Producer
Sylvia Stevens, Peter Day
Steve Sprung
Steve Sprung
Director of Photography
Ralph Bosch, Steve Sprung
Nuno Carvalho


Production status


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Last updated 25th October 2018

Production Company

Portugal, UK coproduction

An LX Filmes (PT), Faction Films (UK) production

Faction Films
Sylvia Stevens
26 Shacklewell Lane
E8 2EZ