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The Scar

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The Scar is about a community in crisis. Twelve years after the miners' strike, the developers are moving in and history is being erased by the bulldozers. But the scars of the past run deep and the bitterness of the men and women whose lives have been destroyed survives beneath the cosmetic cover.

The film's catalyst is May Murton. The onset of the menopause, the failure of her marriage and the disintegration of her community have shattered both her personal and political beliefs. Like many women who were active during the strike, it is May who has been left to clean up the mess. But time has taken its toll. Her teenage children Dale and Becky are increasingly out of control, and her estranged husband Tony has flown the nest to take up residence in the allotments perched high above town. Tony views the town from above, realising what has been lost but, like many former miners stripped of the capacity to re-engage with a society which has treated him so cruelly. When May falls in love with Roy, who manages a nearby open-cast mine, she must cross the political divide between them - changing their lives forever.


Type of film
Running Time
115 mins
Amber Production Team
Tessa Ross
Executive Producer
Tessa Ross
Director of Photography
Amber Production Team
Principal Cast
Charlie Hardwick, BIll Speed, Katja Roberts, Darren Bell and Brian Hogg
Screen Writer
Amber Production Team


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