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The Stolen

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Charlotte Lockton has settled in 1860s New Zealand with her wealthy husband, David. But her life’s dreams are shattered when he is murdered on their farm and her baby son is kidnapped. A month after paying a ransom, frustrated with the apathy of the authorities and distrusting of her staff, she decides to track him down on her own.
And so begins her journey through the wilds of an untamed New Zealand. She is forced to join a convoy of whores, ex-cons and a Maori warrior heading for the rough mining community of Goldtown. There she meets Joshua McCullen, the owner of the mining town: a man who is key to uncovering the truth behind the disappearance of her son, forcing her to fight to the death for what she holds most dear.


Type of film
Running Time
95 mins
Arri Alexa
Niall Johnson
Emily Corcoran
Michael Geidel
Executive Producer
Julia Palau, Merryn Corcoran, Gary Collins, Compton Ross, Phil Hunt, Sir Douglas Myers
David Thrasher
Story by Emily Corcoran, Screenplay by Emily Corcoran, and Niall Johnson
Director of Photography
Alun Bollinger
Production Designer
Joe Bleakley
Paul Lawler
Principal Cast
Alice Eve, Jack Davenport, Graham McTavish, Richard O'Brien, Stan Walker, Cohen Holloway, Stig Eldred, Emily Corcoran, Gillian MacGregor, Mikeala Ruegg
Hair and Make-Up Designer
Richard Muller
Costume Designer
Tina Hutchison-Thomas
Art Director
Emma Painter
Associate Producer
Andrew Rennie
Film Images
©Dean MacKenzie, Nick McLean

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Production Company

Cork Pictures Ltd for Cork Films Ltd
Emily Corcoran


4Square Films
Billy Hurman
+44 (0)7956 578 093