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The Testimony of Taliesin Jones


To eleven year old Taliesin Jones, God is as palpable as the apple he buys on his way to school, as real as the rain which trickles down his neck, as near as the warts on his fingertips. In Cqmglum where he lives on a farm in rural Wales, God is all around, even at school where Hoop The Mental hits him on the nose, and earthy Julie Dyer blows confusing smoke rings at him.

Others don't see the world the way he does. When his mother leaves home with her hairdresser to put more colour in her life, Taliesin is left behind with his distracted father, sullenly adolescent brother and his own creeping uncertainty to try and make sense of this sudden conspiracy of events. It is only with elderly Billy Evans, piano teacher and part time healer that Taliesin finds a source of miracles, miracles which transform his life . . .

The Testimony of Taliesin Jones is a beautifully measured story exploring the troubled borderland between childhood and adolescence. Poetic, precisely observed and filled with humour, it examines the resources of imagination and faith to which children can turn when faced with the confusion and imperfection of the adult world they are about to enter.


Type of film
Running Time
95 mins
35mm Kodak
Martin Duffy
Michael Ryan, Guy Collins
Jonathan Rudd
Maureen Tiluyou
Director of Photography
Tony Imi
Principal Cast
Jonathan Pryce, Griff Rhys Jones, Geraldine Chaplin, Matthew Rys, Ian Bannen, John-Paul Macleod

Production status


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