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The Two Sights (An Dà Shealladh)

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The Outer Hebrides was ​long ago once thought of as a place of seers​,​ who were known to have the gift of Second Sight​:​ an ability to foretell future events. These prognostications were revealed to the seer in the form of visions or otherworldly sounds. Sometimes they took the form of portents derived ​by augury read from animals, bones, or weather patterns foretelling what has yet come to pass. ​
Using these stories as a starting point​, THE TWO SIGHTS, ​​is a portrait of a rapidly changing maritime environment​ with its acoustic ecology and culture in flux in a time of uncertain futures​​​.
Long take Super 16mm cinematography, interwoven with site-specific field recordings and interviews​ collected from ​the disappearing oral histories​​ of several Hebridean communities​ are collaged to explore the relationship between place narrative​, ​environment​,​ and the reciprocal influences they exact upon one another.
Official Selection Berlin International Film Festival 2020 - Forum - World premiere


Type of film
Running Time
89 min 30 sec
16mm, 35mm, 4K, 5.1
Joshua Bonnetta
Joshua Bonnetta
Director of Photography
Joshua Bonnetta
Joshua Bonnetta

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Last updated 22nd January 2020

Production Company

Canada, UK co-production

Joshua Bonnetta