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The Vanguard


2015, the last known oil fields have been vanquished by corporation run governments throwing the world into disarray. Out of this apocalyptic nightmare the corporations embark on a course of action to cull the human race and initialise a depopulation programme.
But the scientists tasked with this heinous act revolt, thus creating a drug that will keep the human race alive. But with no time to test the drug, humans are left in a state far worse than death. Reduced to a primitive ape-like state, their only instinct is to kill. For they are no longer human, but 'Biosyns'.

Cast adrift to survive alone in the wilderness, Max has learnt to become a hunter/gatherer, living off the land, but under constant threat from the Biosyns. He has forged a life without human contact, a young man living from moment to moment. Soon he learns that the Biosyns are learning to communicate, and are banding together to become the new dominant race, and then Max will have to face a greater number than ever before.

So when he encounters a 'Tracker' (genetically enhanced POWs from the oil wars) his first instinct is to kill him. Surviving the attack, the Tracker reassesses his original mission - track down and kill Max - to take him south to safety - as the Corporation believe Max’s blood may contain the antidote to the Biosyn Holocaust.

And now, if Mankind is to survive, then Max must undertake an odyssey fraught with rampaging Biosyns and deadly Trackers.


Type of film
Running Time
101 mins
Matthew Hope 1st Feature
John Hope, Tony Delaney
John Hope, Tony Delaney
Simon Adams, Larry Trybec
Matthew Hope
Director of Photography
David Byrne
Lee Grainge
Mark Delaney
Principal Cast
Ray Bullock Junior, Shiv Grewal, Jack Bailey, Steve Weston, Farhan Khan, Chris Hatheral, Martin Hobbes, Emma Choy

Production status


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Last updated 17th November 2008

Production Company

Propaganda Pictures