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The Veranda

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The Veranda is about a young artist, Victor, who tries to find silence in his actions and work. He finds it in dialogues with nature; he becomes obsessed and devotes his life to 'The Gaps', which to him become a mystical separate world that defy comprehension. Diving into this discipline, he loses his wife Josy, his friends and everything else in his life.

The actions Victor performs to find these Gaps are seen worldwide; cleaning sections of desert, or walking a mile and watering the parched land, just to see what happens. He places a tree in ice, cleans shadows on the road laid down by trees, polishes rocks at Whitby, and takes 1000m of string across a huge valley to make a Stringbridge - These performances, actions or Happenings are all to find something 'other'.

We meet Victor before and after his fifteen year quest. After various meetings with Charlie, who comes from the silent world he strives for, Victor has to decide between the faith of his Gaps and his last links to humanity, his sister Mina and his daughter Jo.

Winner - Best Foreign Feature Award, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival 2002.


Type of film
Running Time
84 mins
Beta SP
Marco Zaffino
Marco Zaffino
Robert Allen, Marco Zaffino
Marco Zaffino
Director of Photography
Mike Shrimpton
Becki Zaffino
Marco Zaffino, Dave Young, Jeremy Perkins, Ed Boxall
Principal Cast
Zoe Pirie, Marco Zaffino, Tina Di Maio, Christina Denham, Dan Bembridge


Production status


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Production Company

Minstrel Wall Eye Productions
18 Clement Street, Birkby
Huddersfield HD1 5HE

T+44 (0) 1484 328 548