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The War Bride

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It's 1940 London, the height of the Blitz. Two young women, Lily (Anna Friel) and Sophie (Julie Cox) work as East End seamstresses. They are best friends, working and playing like typical 20 year olds despite the nightly bombings.

They meet two Canadian servicemen at a dance, Charlie Travis (Aden Young) and Louie Maldoff, and fall madly in love. Charlie regales Lily with stories of his family's huge 'John Wayne style ranch' on the Canadian Prairies. In a matter of weeks the two couples are married and the boys are shipped to the front. Lily learns she will have Charlie's baby.

After the baby is born, mother and child and Sophie are shipped across the sea to their new in-laws by the Canadian Embassy. While Sophie is welcomed into a wealthy and warm family, Lily is met with an icy reception from her bitter mother-in-law, Betty (Brenda Fricker) and crippled sister-in-law, Sylvia (Molly Parker). What's even worse, the 'dream ranch' is actually nothing more than a dirt-farm with a tiny shack in the middle of nowhere.

In true 'Lily' style, she struggles to overcome these obstacles and is determined not to let anything interfere with making her new life and marriage work. After several years, Charlie returns, no longer the fun loving, naive man Lily married in London. He has become a shell-shocked stranger.

Lily considers joining a now disappointed Sophie in Returning to London, but decides, in spite of everything, that she wants to remain in her home with her new Canadian family. Charlie and Lily resolve to face the rest of thier lives together, undaunted by the past or the future.


Type of film
Lyndon Cubbuck
Melvyn Singer, Jordan Randell, William Talmadge
Alan Strachan
Angela Workman
Director of Photography
Ron Orieux
Martin Trevis (Sound Recordist)
John Sereda
Principal Cast
Anna Friel, Brenda Fricker, Aden Young, Loren Dean, Molly Parker


Production status


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Random Harvest Pictures


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