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The Weekend

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It's midsummer and Marian and John have invited Lyle to their beautiful country house for the weekend. Marian is surprised when Lyle brings his new friend Robert with him, for this is the anniversary of the death of Tony, Lyle's former lover, John's half brother and Marian's best friend. Lyle hasn't been up to the house since Tony died there last year and as the weekend progresses, we see why. It's as if Tony is haunting them. So much of their lives and the life of the house was influenced by him, that it's impossible not to feel his presence. But their chance to indulge in grief is prevented by the presence of Robert and Laura, a pseudo Italian widow and her daughter Nina, who are invited to dinner. Laura and Robert are connected by their search for fun in this stultifying atmosphere. Nina awakes a passion in John, that has been lacking in his marriage since the birth of his one-year old son. By the end of the weekend, two relationships are over as Lyle and Marian remain consumed by their love for Tony.


Type of film
35mm Kodak
Brian Skeet
Pippa Cross, Janette Day
Director of Photography
Ron Fortunato
Principal Cast
Gena Rowlands, Brooke Shields, David Conrad, Deborah Unger, Jared Harris, D. B. Sweeney, James Duvall
Executive Screen Writer
Brian Skeet


Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

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Granada Film
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Lunatics and Lovers
38-42 Whitfield Street
London W1P 5RF
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Spring International
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