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The Whole Truth

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THE WHOLE TRUTH tells an honest yet hopeful story of the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse, honouring the strength of survivors and championing friendship and communication as healing tools.
Mallory is a smart, well-intentioned but lonely young police officer who must interview Jenny, a schoolgirl, about the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her teacher. During their ABE interview, as she struggles to get Jenny to confront her trauma and admit the truth of what has happened to her, an unlikely bond forms between the two women. As tensions rise, Mallory is forced to face the truth about her own past and realise that the best way for her to truly help Jenny is to finally find the strength to share it. With each others support, Mallory and Jenny must face the abuse they have suffered and find the strength to talk about it.
THE WHOLE TRUTH confronts the stigma around childhood sexual abuse head on and explores the impact of child abuse in adulthood, the importance of speaking up and the future that is possible for survivors when they begin to heal. The film aims to empower survivors, dissolve the taboo around these issues and spark discussions among audiences around the importance of support systems for survivors navigating an often traumatising legal system alongside the psychological aftermath of abuse.
THE WHOLE TRUTH is endorsed by the charity One in Four


Type of film
Running Time
36 min 10 sec
Yelita Ali
Sophie Max
Executive Producer
Sophie Max
Reeta Varpama
Sophie Max
Director of Photography
Ash Lang Wen Li
Sunjna Mullick
Karya Sezener
Principal Cast
Sophie Max, Kaja Chan
Assistant Director
Chantal Richardson
1st Assistant Camera
Olga Lagun
2nd Assistant Camera
Charlie Tierney
Hulda Orrù
Amy Whyard
Sound Design
Jigisha Patil

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Last updated 3rd March 2020

Production Company

Sophie Max


Sophie Max