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The Wolves of Kromer

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Once upon a time, not so very long ago in a little village called Kromer, lived Seth and Gabriel, two beautiful young wolves. Nearby, in Broome Hall, Fanny, a wicked old maid, and her accomplice Doreen are plotting a wicked murder.

The dual narrative switches between the two scheming old maids, and the developing relationship between the wolves. This surprising juxtaposition gives the film its vitality and unique sparkle, and highlights the contemporary social issues of the old order giving way to the new. Once the murder is done, the maids frame the wolves, inciting a torch-bearing mob of religious zealots to reek vengeance on the innocent pair.

The Wolves of Kromer is where Agatha Christie meets the Brothers Grimm, with a dose of John Rechy. Narrated by Boy George, the film reinterprets elements of familiar folk stories as a modern day saga of lust, greed, murder and sexuality. The young stars appear urbane, clubby and glamorous, talking a contemporary patois, living contemporary issues, but the world they inhabit is far from the metropolis - a timeless landscape of hills and valleys, waterfalls and lakes. This enchanting film is almost a fairytale; a time and place you've never been to, but somehow seem to recall . . .


Type of film
Running Time
80 mins
35mm Kodak
Will Gould
Charles Lambert
Executive Producer
Charles Lambert
Director of Photography
Laura Remacha
Principal Cast
Lee Williams, James Layton, Angharad Rees, Kevin Moore, Rita Davies, Margaret Towner, Rosemary Dunham. Narrator: Boy George
Executive Screen Writers
Charles Lambert, Matthew Read


Production status


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