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(third study for) Swedge of Heaven

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Richard Forbes-Hamilton

  • Richard Forbes-Hamilton

    Richard Forbes-Hamilton


SWEDGE OF HEAVEN is a moving image project that continues a line of the artist's practice engaging with the nature of experience in relation to place – particularly through the perspective of being connected to a place whilst simultaneously being a stranger to or outside of it.
Using real world locations in Essex, Swedge of Heaven explores liminal/transitional/peripheral spaces and realms, navigated by a reanimated rave mascot and a wooden Neolithic fertility figure.
Although from distant moments in history, the protagonists are both figures indicative of ritual gathering created by Essex communities. Within the work the isolated figures hover in cultural/historical flux, a state of simultaneous belonging and alienation as they pass through and around places seemingly suspended on the edge of conventional time and space.
The project employs experimental digital animation techniques that bring together 3D generated models of real world objects/sites and computer generated actors that navigate in and out of these virtual real world spaces.


Type of film
Running Time
14 min 46 sec
Richard Forbes-Hamilton
Richard Forbes-Hamilton
Director of Photography
Richard Forbes-Hamilton
Richard Forbes-Hamilton
Richard Forbes-Hamilton

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Last updated 12th October 2021

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Richard Forbes-Hamilton
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