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To Anyone Who Can Hear Me

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To Anyone Who Can Hear Me is a magical, vivid and poetic exploration of damaged human relationships. Nine passengers on a train must confront their fears, solitude and emotional emptiness. Each passenger has a different direction and all of them have something in common - their impotence to deal with their own emotions.

The story aims to establish a conversation with the audience about life: about men and women, their suffering and incomprehensible frustrations, their isolation at not being able to communicate their emotions to one another, their self-destruction, and most of all their powerless search for love and truth in a world with now answers.

To Anyone Who Can Hear Me is a film project characterised by its dramatic black and white photography accompanied by a haunting and evocative soundtrack. It is innovative in its structure and story-telling techniques and it breaks with conventional cinematic practice. The film takes a unique approach to the themes of love and isolation offering the audience the opportunity to be voyeurs of the suffering of others. Through this experience they are invited to reflect and look at their own lives with an honest eye.


Type of film
Running Time
87 mins
16mm Ilford
Carlos Ruiz
Carlos Ruiz
Anton Califano
Director of Photography
Tim Green
Carlos Ruiz, Anton Califano
Principal Cast
Nicole Kaminski, Hugh Gallagher, Anthony Biggs, Camilla Vella, Nathan McHugh, Julie Bevan, Hannah Scrimshaw, Ruth Posner, Martin Lawton
Screen Writer
Carlos Ruiz


Production status


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Last updated 3rd August 2009

Production Company

Red Desert Productions
Contact: Carlos Ruiz, Anton Califano
Production Company:
11, Taeping Street
London E14 9UN

T +44 (0)20 75360352