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Lilly LaMia


Keith has recently set up home with Claire in a suburban part of London leaving behind him a three year relationship with Julia and the inner city area he grew up in.

His action angers his sister and surprises his brother-in-law. Both attempt to change his mind but to no avail. He meets John on a routine call-out job. A mutual interest in football leads to John's offer of a free hotel room for Keith and his friend when they travel to Stockholm for an international football friendly taking place at the weekend. On route to the airport, realising he has left his passport, Keith returns home to find Claire in bed with Ryan, his brother-in-law.

Keith travels solo to Stockholm after his friend Dave, who has the match tickets, pulls out at the last moment. Angry, hurt and alone in a foreign city, Keith goes to the only place he knows; the hotel room offered by John. There he meets Anna, John's previous girlfriend, and ends up staying at her apartment. Over a period of several days, their complicated lives interweave as each one tries to manoeuvre the emotions of an unrequited love.


Type of film
Running Time
68 mins
Rita Gayle 1st Feature
Rita Gayle
Melanie LeBlond
Rita Gayle
Director of Photography
Mirko Beutler
Santiago Posada
Alexis Bennett
Principal Cast
Anthony Mark Barrow, Anna Blades, Owen Oakeshott
Production Manager
Leonora Rodkin
Sound Recordist
Elaine Williams

Production status


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Kuruji Films
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