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Transference: A Bipolar Love Story

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Katerina, from Norway, begins her journey in London as a nurse working in palliative care. They say it can only come but once in a lifetime, and her bolt of lightning hits unexpectedly when she meets an older male nurse called Nicholas, a man with mystery and intrigue, and a somewhat untraceable past.
Cautious at first, they both try to resist the inevitable passionate romance, but it proves impossible to avoid as an attraction functioning deeper than the thinking mind is set in motion. Nik with his Italian heritage, wears his heart on his sleeve, a contrast to Kat's Nordic culture which excites her. Her new dealings with death have taught her that she really wants to live. The passion and attention with which Nik lives seems to switch on a light in her, which in turn ignites a lust for life in them both, as they begin to live through their emotions and not their logic, leading to a path of not understanding themselves, let alone each other, until it is too late.


Type of film
Running Time
103 min
Raffaello Degruttola
Raffaello Degruttola
Emilie Sofie Johannesen, Sadie Kaye
Executive Producer
Bill Bossert
Charles Lort-Philipps
Raffaello Degruttola
Director of Photography
Phil Summers, Simon Haynes
Original Music: Jonathan Kerrigan
Principal Cast
Raffaello Degruttola, Emilie Sofie Johannesen, Lotte Verbeek, Simone Lahbib, Christina Chong, Ania Sowinski, Pernille Broch, Iggy Blanco, Tyronne Keogh, Reice Weathers
Consulting Producer
Sérgio Clinkett, Simone Lahbib


Production status


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Last updated 20th February 2020

Production Company

A Contro Vento Films (UK), Mental Ideas (HK) production

Contro Vento Films