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Trollywood initially started out as a collection of still photographs. The director, up and coming UK talent Madeleine Farley, was fascinated by the isuue of homelessness in Los Angeles, a city renowned - or at least in popular conception- for its opulence. As a symbol of material divide, Madeleine decided to focus on the humble shopping carts littered around LA as a central theme- ie. as both consumer tool to some whilst being a portable home to others.
Through her time spent photographing the homeless and the numerous conversations that ensued, Madeleine soon realised that there was a vast untapped wealth of personal testimony and that only a documentary could do the subject justice. This view was further cemented when a news story broke about an LA legal case involving the making and profiteering from a video called 'Bumfights' in which homeless people, often under the influence of alcohol, were filmed inflicting harm on themselves. The makers of the film, whilst making in the region of $6m dollars, were let off with 250hrs of community service.
Trollywood will focus on interviews with the homeless, Government officials, Charitable foundation workers, Mental health organisations etc. in a moving, well rounded look at a serious issue. More than anything, the programme will aim to be educational and uplifting, presenting homelessness with a human face and also providing an awareness of various remedial organisations. Essentially, Madeleine's intent is to show that amongst great material deprivation there exists a unique culture with its own sense of spiritual wealth.


Type of film
Running Time
82 minutes
Madeleine Farley 1st Feature
Nick Nahum
Helen Lindley
Director of Photography
Robert Bennet
Jess Bailey

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