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Unseen: The Lives of Looking

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Dryden Goodwin

  • Dryden Goodwin

    Dryden Goodwin


’Unseen: The Lives of Looking’ focuses on four individuals with a distinct relationship to looking - an eye surgeon, a planetary explorer, a human rights lawyer and an artist/filmmaker. Told through Dryden Goodwin’s closely observed drawings, camera work and multilayered soundtrack, it explores different scales, forms and reasons for looking, in a poetic and metaphysically charged journey. Revealing the empathy and dexterity of an eye surgeon, working with the fragile human eye; the quest of a NASA planetary explorer to decode the cosmos and find evidence of life on Mars; and the scrutiny of the British government, by a human rights lawyer, in extraordinary rendition, drone attack and mass surveillance cases. The film’s perspectives range from minute details to panoramic expanses, building an atmospheric and sensual matrix around its subjects. Goodwin includes fleeting vignettes of strangers and a brief focus on his father and son, highlighting the tension in his work between intimacy and anonymity. The film considers both the physical act of looking and how we perceive the world around us: how we contemplate the known and the unknown, the personal and the remote and the imaginative leaps taken to reveal what might be concealed or out of sight.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
4K video
Dryden Goodwin 1st Feature
Jo Cole, Sarah Caddy
Dryden Goodwin Projects, Red Bee Media
Executive Producer
Gareth Evans
Dryden Goodwin, Jo Cole
Dryden Goodwin
Director of Photography
Dryden Goodwin
Dryden Goodwin
Dryden Goodwin
Principal Cast
Prof Sir Peng Tee Khaw, Prof Sanjeev Gupta, Rosa Curling, Jeffrey Goodwin, Fynn Cole-Goodwin
Jo Cole, Imran Perretta
Production managers
Harriet Masterson, Sukey Richardson
Production, Camera and Sound Assistants
Brada Barassi, Imran Perretta
Sound Mastering
Tony Perretta
Production Lawyer
Guy Swillingham
Production accountants
Perlin Franco Ltd
Funded by
Royal Museums Greenwich, Arts Council England, Wellcome Trust, Red Bee Media

Production status


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Last updated 3rd August 2015

Production Company

Dryden Goodwin Projects

Red Bee Media