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Virtual Sexuality

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Seventeen year old Justine (Laura Fraser) is fed up with the lack of success she has with guys. It seems as though the boys have it easier. She's ready to take that big step, but with whom? To ensure she chooses the right candidate - her 'Mr Barcode' - Justine enlists the help of her worldly-wise best friend Fran (Marcelle Duprey). Alex (Kieran O'Brien), the school stud is the obvious choice. So together, Justine, Fran and their geeky friend Chas (Luke De Lacey) hatch a plot to get Alex to a computer show where he is bound to fall for Justine's charms. Only things don't go according to plan! At the last moment, Alex abandons the plotting trio in order to go out with the man-eating Hoover (Natasha Bell).

A deflated Justine wanders through the great halls while Chas is in his perfect world. None of the excitement of the show can soothe the rejection she feels until she is enticed into the make-over machine, the Narcissus. Their machine can give you the face you've dreamt of; in fact the 'you' of your fantasies can be yours with the help of the Narcissus!

Having created the perfect Justine on screen, she then sets about creating her ideal man.


Type of film
Running Time
1 hr 28 mins
Nick Hurran
Kevin Loader, Jonathan Darby, Charles Armitage
John Richards
Nick Fisher
Director of Photography
Brian Tufano
Principal Cast
Laura Fraser, Kieran O'Brien, Rupert Penry-Jones, Natasha Bell, Luke De Lacey, Marcelle Duprey


Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Contact: Christopher Figg
1 Albion Court
Albion Place
London W6
Tel: 020 8600 5200
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Columbia Tristar Films (UK)
25 Golden Square
London W1R 6LU