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"Romance, science and conspiracy in the 20th century."

When Erica Thomas died in 2004 she left behind a vast collection of family photos, films, documents and objects dating back to the 1910s. Increasingly lonely in the years after her husband’s early death in 1973, this archive had become her defence against a future too painful to face and revealed experiences her children knew nothing of.

Erica was born in Hungary in 1933 and came to England in 1938 but, despite her private schooling and studies at Cambridge and Oxford, she struggled to become English and to belong. Always feeling herself the outsider, her career nonetheless drew her deep into the hidden recesses of Cold War science; increasingly her internal psychological struggles reflected the trauma of world events.

Spanning 70 years, travelling from Romania to Britain, via America, Antarctica and outer space, Voyageuse is a haunting portrayal of childhood, work, love, loss and grief, revealing one woman's ordinary life, lived through extraordinary times.


Type of film
Running Time
106 mins
High Definition
May Miles Thomas
Owen Thomas
May Miles Thomas
May Miles Thomas
Principal Cast
Sian Phillips

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