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When Brendan Met Trudy


With three of his novels already adapted into successful films, When Brendan Met Trudy marks Roddy Doyle's first original screenplay. Exhausted by the research that went into his latest novel, A Star Called Henry, Doyle decided to stick to what he knew well and write a script that would not require long hours in libraries or in-depth interviews with historians. The result is a light-hearted romantic drama that pays homage to some of the great classics of the silver screen.

Peter McDonald stars as Brendan, a teacher and film buff who escapes the boredom of his job by day-dreaming about the films he adores and singing in the local choir. He meets bohemian eccentric Trudy (Flora Montgomery), a nursery teacher, who introduces him to a new and invigorating way of life. When he discovers that she is really a thief, it adds an extra frisson to their whirlwind relationship but things go awry when Trudy meets Brendan's sister (Pauline McLynne). Trudy dumps Brendan, forcing him to move to get her back.

As with his previous films, Doyle set the action in Dublin but was keen that his director, Kieran J Walsh (with whom he had made the short Hell For Leather), and production team showed a different side of the town, one that would reflect the romanticism of the narrative.

"I dropped hints in the script on how it should be different from the Barrytown films, The Commitments, The Snapper and The Van. Dublin is a different place than when we did The Commitments. I decided to go for a more middle-class setting because I think that reflects Dublin more now."


Type of film
Kieron J Walsh 1st Feature
Richard Hartley.
Kieron J Walsh.
Lynda Myles.
Roddy Doyle.
Ashley Rowe.
Prod des
Fiona Daly.
Scott Thomas.
Main cast
Peter McDonald, Flora Montgomery, Pauline McLynne, Marie Mullen, Maynard Eziashi.
BBC Films,

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