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When in London

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Hugh, a young would-be-filmmaker, sets out to record the insignificant lives of his slacker friends with a camcorder. When one of them has an idea for a get rich quick scheme, an epic journey begins into the world of London's sex industry.

In Hugh's own words:

'It all began as a bit of fun, videotaping a couple of friends wandering aimlessly through their lives. When Tom (out of work actor Tom Foxton) had the idea for his male escort business, no one took him seriously except me. I knew it would be a disaster, but I also knew it might prove hilarious watching him fail'

'I think the presence of the camera spurred everyone on. Once I had persuaded Tom and his friends to get involved they soon became prostitutes for their few minutes of fame. Each in turn tried to take control of the agency and put themselves in the spotlight as the business spiralled out of control.'

'I borrowed a hidden camera and a radio mike to record intimate moments in restaurants, cabs and hotel bedrooms. We got shouted at, thrown out and even chased out of a brothel.'

'Poor Tom had no idea what he was getting us all into. I still can't believe what happened to him.'


Type of film
Running Time
100 mins
Hugh Whitworth, Nina Carbone
Hugh Whitworth, Nina Carbone
Roger Cuertin, Ed Kinnear
Director of Photography
Hugh Whitworth
Graham Kirkman
Principal Cast
James Innes Smith, Rupam Maxwell, Tania Levey, Richard Wellings Thomas, Hal Fowler, Caroline Loncq, Theo Fraser Steele, Laurence Stevenson
Screen Writers
Nina Carbone, Hugh Whitworth, James Innes Smith


Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Madhatter Productions
Contact: Nina Carbone
52 Golborne Road
London W10 5PR
Tel: 020 8960 1869
Fax: 020 8964 1772