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Yours Emotionally!

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Ravi and Paul, two friends from Leicester, end up attending a gay party in the small Indian town of Shimoga, upon an invitation of Ravi's Parsee email-pal Jeh from Mumbai. A genteel dreamer Ravi instantly falls in love with Mani - a dark and handsome local working man.

Ravi and Paul also meet an older male couple, Murthy and Anna, now in their sixties. Murthy has lived in the UK to avoid marriage. When he returns to attend his mother's funeral, his lover Anna (a married man by then) convinces him to stay back. After his wife's death, Anna decides to join Murthy and they run a hotel. Both Ravi and Paul are surprised to meet the older same-sex couple.

Although Ravi can't let go of his newfound love, Mani cannot overcome the vast gap that exists between them. Mani is under constant pressure to get married to a woman. When Ravi asks Mani to accompany him to the UK, Mani shows very little willingness. Ravi seeks Murthy and Anna's help, but the couple hide behind words of wisdom and express inability to bring Ravi and Mani together. Tension brews between Ravi and Paul due to sexually charged Mani and the situation highlights some nasty cracks in their friendship. Mani throws in a surprise at the farewell meeting that Ravi's asked for.

Interspersed with flashes of semi-surreal situations - presented through exciting dream sequences - Yours Emotionally! unfolds a brightly painted canvas that defies stereotypes and explores contrasting values within Indian and Western gay sub-cultures.


Type of film
Running Time
86 mins
Sridhar Rangayan
Niranjan Kamatkar
Nishant Radhakrishnan
Niranjan Kamatkar, Sridhar Rangayan
Director of Photography
Deepak Pandey
Production Designer
Saagar Gupta
Baylon Fonseca, Santosh Sawant
Ameya Naik, William Longden
Principal Cast
Premjit, Jack Lamport, Ikhlaq Khan, Prateek Gandhi, Ajay Rohilla


Production status


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Last updated 3rd November 2006

Production Company

Wise Thoughts
Studio 3, Chocolate Factory 2
4 Coburg Road
London N22 6UJ

T+ 44 (0)20 8829 8911