Edward Hogg

Born in Yorkshire in 1979, Edward Hogg studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, graduating in 2002. He is an accomplished theatre actor, having performed on numerous international stages including the National Theatre and off-Broadway.

Edward Hogg

In addition to various television credits, his film roles include Alfie (Charles Shyer, 2004); Song of Songs (Josh Appignanesi, 2005); the award winning White Lightnin’ (Dominic Murphy, 2009) for which he won Best Actor awards at the Monterrey and Mumbai Film Festivals and received a British Independent Film Award nomination for ‘Most Promising Newcomer’; Bunny & The Bull (Paul King, 2009) and Ollie Kepler’s Expanding Purple World (Viv Fongenie, 2010).

Edward has been nominated by the British Council as the 2010 Shooting Star, at the Berlin International Film Festival – this is a pan-European new talent showcase, organised by European Film Promotion (EFP). Previous UK Shooting Stars include 2010 Academy Award nominee Carey Mulligan (2009), Bond actor Daniel Craig (2000) and Rachel Weisz (1998).

Connection to the British Council?
My work in the films White Lightnin' and Bunny and the Bull. The [British] Council was incredibly supportive of both these films and I am now officially a big fan!  I'm extremely grateful to them for nominating me for the Shooting Stars event.

Current project?
My current project is a film called Isle of Dogs, to be directed by an exciting young director called Tammi Sutton. We begin filming on the 20th of February and I'm extremely excited. Then a film called Anonymous, which Roland Emmerich will be directing. I'll be playing the role of Robert Cecil. I also have a film due for release soon called Ollie Kepler's Expanding Purple World. It's the story of a man who becomes consumed by his own grief, after the sudden loss of his girlfriend, desperately searching for a reason, which he maybe begins to find through the colour purple. It's sad, funny and hopeful and very British.

What/who originally turned you onto film?
I've been a fan of film and cinema for as long as I can remember. I still enjoy all sorts, from popcorn blockbusters to small arthouse films. So I guess it was my parents who turned me onto film even though they themselves are not the biggest fans. It was them that first took me to the movies.

Career high so far?
My career high was working in New York on a play call Woyzeck. It was a production we had brought from a small theatre in west London, all the way to a massive warehouse space in Brooklyn. A hero of mine, Lou Reed, came to see the show, and we were invited to go and see him soundcheck 'Berlin'. Truly thrilling.

First job in the film industry?
My first job had no lines. Several long shots of me playing the younger version of David Bradley's superb Mr Bray in Nicholas Nickelby. I had 2 days of filming and I have never been so nervous in my entire life.

If I knew then what I know now....
I would still have the same opinion now as I did then. Just keep working as often as you can. Don't turn your nose up at anything. Every job is an opportunity. Do the work, however big or small, and do it to the best of your ability. Do yourself proud.

What is your favourite British film?
My favourite british film is Swansong. It's a new film yet to be released about a young man trying to find out where he belongs in the world. It stars my friends Jodie Whittaker and Caolan Byrne and is British film-making at its best.

If you could have directed/been involved with any film ever made...
If i could be involved in any film ever made it would be Alien. It's the greatest film of all time. Brilliant cast and brilliant direction.

First film you remember seeing?
The first film I remember seeing was Popeye starring Robin Williams. It was memorable because the flip seat in the cinema swung up when I jumped off and smacked me in the face giving me a nose bleed. So film and me got off to a rocky start.

Your favourite line or scene from a film?
I love the Polish wedding in Deer Hunter. It involves probably 3 or 4 of the greatest actors of all time, all of whom are at the top of their game, in a film that is shot so beautifully and with such attention to detail. It would run Alien close in the greatest film of all time stakes.

Best screen kiss?
My favourite kiss is in Avatar. I say this because it's the only one I can think of at the moment and I loved that film so much. It made me wish I was a 9 foot blue person with incredible gymnastic ability and I well fancied the main blue woman whose name I can't remember. That's how kissing should be. Passionate, loving and between two massive blue people who fly huge lizard bats.

Your favourite screen hero and/or villain?
My favourite screen character is anything James Cagney ever played. The most brilliant screen presence of all time. But I will choose his 'Yeller' morally corrupt villain in Angels with Dirty Faces. It has my favourite line in that film also. "What do you hear, what do you say Joe?".

Who wold play you in a film about your life?
I would have me play me in a film. It would require no research whatsoever and make-up would be minimal. Though I might struggle with the accent...