Victoria Mather

Victoria Mather is an exciting talent playing in a world that combines stop-frame animation and live-action. Coming from a creative family, Vicky studied fine art, painting, photography and experimented with animation. Upon graduating from Kingston University she went on to work as an ambitious creative photographer and designer.

  • Victoria Mather

Feeling sidetracked from the film industry and with requests from bands to make music videos, her creative experiments led her to animation and directing which became her main focus.

In 2008, Vicky obtained a Leverhulme scholarship and CTBF Award to enable her to attend the prestigious National Film and Television School. Vicky graduated with an MA in Animation Directing and her graduation film
Stanley Pickle has received a huge amount of praise. It premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2010 which won the McLaren Award for New British Animation and has gone on to win 6 other awards in London, Los Angeles, Brittany, Bulgaria, Russia and most recently Best Animation at the Chicago International Film Festival. Read more about Stanley Pickle’s journey here.

Your connection to the British Council?
My film Stanley Pickle features in the BritFilms Catalogue and recently the British Council made it possible for me to travel to the Chicago International Film Festival - which was brilliant!

Your current projects?
I am co-writing two films and continuing to do the PR for my film Stanley Pickle . I am currently represented by Blink Ink as a Director

Who originally turned you on to film?
As a child I would watch Oliver Postgate and Betty Boop animations with my Mum, and James Bond, the Marx Brothers and MGM musicals with my Dad. I have drawn many influences from my parents, both very creative people in their own ways that complement each other.

Career high so far?
There have been a few these past couple of years! Three off the top of my head: Richard Attenborough sitting next to me while I was directing a short, getting to meet Terry Gilliam, and winning Best Animation in Chicago last week. It’s a fantastic city.


Your first job in the film industry?
When I was 17 years old, I got my first job working for and Oscar winning Art Director Brian Savegar, my dad used to play Rugby with him, so he hooked me up with an art department assistant job. It was at Ealing Studios on a feature, starring Alicia Silverstone, Leslie Philips, Julie Christie and loads of other splendid actors. Two months in to the job they sent me off to buy a load of tin cans to tie to the back of an old Bentley, for a wedding scene. I came back with shopping bags full of spam, baked beans and soup. I was then handed the rustiest, oldest tin opener known to man. I blocked two sinks at Ealing studios, got covered in scrapes all over my arms and threw a few bags of perfectly good food away. By about 7pm I walked in to the production office with all the empty cans saying ‘I’ve done it!’ – only to realize the film had gone in to liquidation, the day before production started! – nevertheless it was a fantastic experience for a 17 year old art student.

If I knew then what I know now…
I would have avoided a student loan.


Your favourite British film?
There are so many amazing British Films! Withnail and I, A Fish Called Wanda, Harry Potter, James Bond! - I saw a new British film in France - Mr.Nice Director/DOP Bernard Rose. I really enjoyed it, it’s all about Howard Marks and I laughed out loud quite a bit.


If you could have been involved with any film ever made…
Any Kubrick film, to see how he makes it work from start to finish, I would have loved to have witnessed that. Also, I would of loved to have been involved with any Jim Henson project when he was alive, he sounded like a brilliant person.


First film you remember seeing?
. I was three years old and completely and utterly traumatized.


Favourite screen kiss?
At the end in Drop Dead Fred, it’s heartbreaking - as if she’s saying goodbye childhood, forever! It’s desperately sad.


Favourite screen villain?
Charismatic villains are the best, Jack Nicholson in the Shining, Malcom McDowell in A Clockwork Orange, Alan Rickman as the Sherriff of Nottingham, Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd in Diamonds are Forever, The Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - I could go on and on.


Who would play you in the film about your life?
I’m only 28! Someone with untameable curly hair and green eyes, I have no idea!